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Black Mold Infection

Other illnesses and diseases get a hold on you when you have a black mold infection

Most people never know that they have a black mold infection. It is never what their medical people are thinking, it very rarely enters your mind at all because it is very passive. Black mold infections are usually in your living space somewhere. You slowly become infected as you continually breathe in the black mold spores.

You will never know that this is happening. The report just to the left describes one victim of a black mold infection and the devistating health effects of it. You see, you will never be treated for black mold; you will only get treatment for the other diseases that present themselves.

Most of the time you will not see or smell black mold and you will certainly not consider it a problem. No one will ever consider that there is a black mold infection, but that is exactly what is happening.

You will be treated for headaches, for sinusitus, for sore throats, for ear infections, for yeast infections, and if you are really infected your short term memory will get worse. You could have a problem with your hair falling out too!

You will just be sick. It will just manifest itself as various malidies. In fact, the healthier people around you will just think it's all in your head. That's a fact too. My wife had a huge problem and the doctors kept trying to pawn it off on pschological problems. What we discovered on our own was it was a black mold infection.

Solving a Black Mold Infection

Solving the black mold infection is easier than discovering that you have one. The basics are clean up the black mold and keep it from ever coming back. That is easier said than done in most cases, especially if you do have a black mold infection.

Read the "Top 10 Mold/Mildew Solutions" above and to the left to verify a real case of horrible symptoms and to compare your issues with those. If you see similarities then take immediate action. Let's face it, if you do have a black mold infection and you clean it up, then you will miraculously feel better and get well. But if it is not due to a black mold infection, you will just have a cleaner home. Basically no down side effect.

In the "Top 10" I state more than once in no uncertain terms to find the root cause of the black mold problem. Finding the root cause is mandatory because if you don't cut off the source, your black mold infection will return and it usually is a lot worse too.

Think about pulling weeds out in your garden. If you pull them up by the stem, but leave the root, you will come back in a week and the weed is there again thriving. That works the same way with black mold too. The three environmental needs for black mold to flourish are the right temperature, just a little bit of moisture, and a food source.

Black mold can feed on any organic matter - even dust and particulate matter. So no matter if you have a cleaning crew army or not, you are going to be hard pressed to eliminate the dust. Organic matter is tissue, food scraps, wood, fibers, cloth, cellulose based materials and you name it. Metal, plastic and glass are not organic. So that leave a long list of what is organic. Black mold can feed on the paste between your wall paper and drywall too.

So eliminating the food source is too difficult. The right temperature is too difficult because mold survives through a wide range of temperatures and thrives through a wide range of temperatures. That leaves moisture as the most controllable leg that you can control.

It is impossible to eliminate moisture in your home by 100% because it is caused by showers, baths, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and even breathing. Moisture is all around us in terms of humidity. So control the humidity in your home (keep it less than 70%) and make sure stoves, laundry and bathrooms are vented properly.

Now what about the basement or crawl space? Those two areas are impossible to keep dry. A de-humidifier helps and can greatly reduce the black mold infection and activity. But it does not eliminate it!

There are dozens of mold killers available for sale and they will all kill mold, but they won't stop black mold dead in its tracks. However, the one way that I recommend is somewhat of a secret. It in my book "How To Get Rid of Black Mold". My methods begin easily and cheaply and depending on your success at eliminating black mold, they go all the way up to what I consider extreme and costly. Costly to me is more than $200.

Black Mold Infections are Known Causes

I believe that many diseases are the result of a black mold infection. Almost any sinus problem and headache problem should trigger the thought of a black mold infection. I concentrate on black mold headaches on one of my pages. That's a good read because it highlites a couple of studies by Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, where they believe black mold is a huge problem for your health.

So there are other studies that you can cross referrence regarding black mold infections. It is so serious that it is estimated that 50% of homes in the USA have a black mold problem. Here's why - if you are in an old home, then there has been a lot of time and a lot of dust and mold spores that have found their way into your home and now there is a black mold infection.

However, if you are in a newer home - you are in WORSE condition. This is because your home is designed to be almost air tight. That keeps air out and it keeps air in. Black mold spores multiply geometrically and slowly build to your black mold infection. Of course Tyvec is used and it breathes and other ventillation is in place to allow for fresh air exchanges too. But how many items have you bought and used that after a while stop working the way they are supposed to?

My point is that after time the mechanisms that were built into our home will stop working efficiently and the black mold levels will rise within your walls. Once this happens you won't even know except that you keep getting more and more sick. A little at first and hardly enough to consider it serious or connected to your home, but when your immune system gets worn down enough it is as if the dam burst. That's the point the the person described in their own emails in the "Top 10" report was at when I was contacted.

I only want the world to understand that black mold should be considered a problem especially when you keep getting illnesses that don't make a lot of sense, that stay in the house for a while, that you believe pass from person to person in your family, and that tend to go away the longer you are away from home.

Black mold infections = dangerous health risk. The big consumer companies want to sell you their solutions in the form of pills, cleaners, filters and so on. I show you in a complete do-it-yourself manner how to eliminate the possibility of a black mold infection. In fact "How To Get Rid of Black Mold" is priced less than one month's supply of any of the above solutions.

I suggest doing your research with the article above and the "Top 10" report before you do anything. If any of it hits home, then take the appropriate action. Whether it's my advise and "how to" or someone elses, make sure to eliminate you black mold infection ASAP!!! It will save you health, time and money in the short and long run.

If you still don't think black mold is the root of your problem, then I suggest this headache solution.

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