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Tired, headache, upset stomach, cold sores - all can point to black mold over exposure.

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Black Mold Symptoms

Tired, breathing affected, frequent cold sores in your mouth, headaches, migraines . . .

There are hundreds of ways that black mold symptoms present themselves. The headaches, cold sores, sinus problems and so many others are what get our attention right away.

Most of us immediately take some kind of pill to alleviate the black mold symptoms. Aspirin for headaches, sinus medicine for sinus pressure and runny noses, and salt water for the cold sores; but we usually don't immediately call them black mold symptoms.

Growing up I seemed to have a cold about 8 out of 12 months a year. When I was in my teens, I decided to try Contac. It cleared up the symptoms. I was popping these things all the time for the next decade or two. My family wouldn't go to the doctor unless there was mass quantities of blood loss or you had to be dragged in due to whatever ailed you. So it was impossible at the time to tie my problems to "allergies".

Many years later, my wife was thought to be so "toxic" that all of her environmental "allergies" were treated with holistic body rinses and detoxes. Once I put a few months of research into this mess, I found out it was mold!

Black Mold Symptoms Relieved

I then eliminated the the mold in our house. It only took a day or two and both of us could tell the difference. In fact, I usually only take aspirin now due to the pains of growing old. I lowered my headaches / sinus headaches / migraine attacks from 20 days per month down to about 2 days per month. Most of those are due to the large barimetric swings associated with weather fronts.

My wife is so much better and if those doctors from before got a hold of her they would say that they're detox plan worked. The fact is for both of us it was black mold symptoms, not allergies or environmental pollutants. Black mold symptoms caused us to miss work, spend lots of "health care money", take lots of over the counters, even lowered our resistance to other diseases.

Always reflect on why you are taking pills, or doing things to feel better. Keep a journal about how you feel. Specifically pay attention to if a prolonged stay away from home makes your health better. Definitely suspect black mold symptoms if you have been seeking medical treatment for too many ailments. Ridding your home of black mold is not that difficult and it could save you thousands of dollars and lots of time feeling bad.

I had a customer who definitely had black mold symptoms write me a series of emails that are reprinted in the above "Top 10 Mold/Mildew Solutions" report. If those symptoms match yours then maybe you need to look further into getting rid of your mold problems.

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