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Black Molds

Black Molds are not colored black

Black molds are not necessarily pigmented black it's just a distinction that usually means the harmful strains of mold. The harmful or black molds run the colors of the rainbow in most cases.

Black molds should justify adequate precautions when you need to remove them from your home. If the area is small, then you can usually just spray it down with an appropriate cleaner and wipe it away. The problems come from larger clean up areas.

Black molds that begin growing within your home will keep multiplying and thriving without the proper intervention. Black molds require moisture to thrive and that's about the only thing we can control as home owners. So here are the steps to help solve your specific problems with black molds:

  • Eliminate the moisture source feeding black molds
  • Contain the area that's home for the mold
  • Gross clean the the black molds by removing thick coatings
  • Kill the mold with a good black mold killer
  • Disinfect the entire inside of the containment
  • Discard everything while still in the containment area
  • Discard bags and rags into a clean plastic trash bag after wiping down the outside of the first trash bag
  • Remove debris and throw away everything outside - not in the garage

Black Molds Need Containment

The reason for containment is that cleaning the black molds area will stir up spores. The spores are like microscopic seeds that fly on the slightest of wind currents. If enough escape they can find another hidden place to thrive within your house. 

A containment that black molds can be restricted in is usually made up of a clear plastic drop cloth or roll of plastic used for painting. You create seals with duct tape. For an area bigger than two feet in diameter, you better think about the black mold containment. There's a reason the area is so big already so don't make it worse.

In my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", I discuss all there is you need to know to eliminate mold from your home. It is by far the easiest and most comprehensive, non-scientific read of any material about black molds on the market. There is a super secret that is not available on the pages of this site, only in the book that explains how all black mold can be kept at bay throughout your home forever.

The idea of the book is to teach you how to eliminate mold yourself in steps that start easily and inexpensively and all the way up to full, professional remediation of black mold. That way if you are able to use one of the easier methods, you'll save a lot of heart ache and money. You will no doubt save your health too!

Black molds require caution and a little know how to eliminate, but read through this site and every idea is discussed except my number one top secret. There are hundreds of pages dedicated to solving your problem with black molds so please arm yourself with knowledge.


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