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Professional reveals step-by -step reliable solutions on how to clean and then kill shockingly destructive black mold.

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Eliminate Mold on House

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Mold on your Roof

Roof mold makes your home look un-maintained, if you plan on selling your home you must clean up the largest exposed surface to impress the buyers. Find out how to only do it once!

How much will it cost to replace your roof?

I used to think that the darker regions on my roof were caused by some of it being wet. I even thought that maybe it was caused by the "natural" deterioration of the shingles above. Then one day I got up on my roof for a closer look.

That dark (5 O'clock shadow looking) area was mold!

I went to work researching a cure. What I found after several failed attempts is inside "How To Get Rid Of Black Mold". I destroyed some shingles in the process, but now that I know the secret of removing roof mold, I can pass it on to you so you keep your roof longer. Better yet, I even found a secret to eliminate mold and roof moss from ever growing again!

Moss can severely damage, even destroy, a roof, by breaking down the fibers in the shingles, forcing them apart and allowing leaks to occur. Many roofs must be replaced prematurely due to damage caused by moss that has been neglected.

Fungus, algae and mildew are less damaging to a roof than moss, in terms of actual destruction. However, it looks terrible: the roof on most houses is one of the largest visible surfaces, and when it is covered with fungus, algae or mildew, it detracts from the appearance of the whole house.  I give you step by step instructions on how to eliminate mold on your roof.

Another problem is that fungus reduces the ability of the roof to reflect away light and heat and that makes higher air conditioning bills.

Inside of "How To Get Rid Of Black Mold" you will find two very important answers. First, I developed the "lazy man's" way to eliminate the moss, algae, fungus, and mold on your roof. Second, for the "ultra-lazy man" I share the secret that very few people know and it keeps that moss, mold, fungus, and mildew from ever coming back again. One project and you're done. Total cost? Under $200.00!  When you use this information to eliminate mold on your roof it won't be long before your house looks better and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

It pays to read this eBook because it is jam packed with information that will enable you to eliminate roof mold and any other type of black mold.

Roof Mold Before Solution

Roof After Solution (still wet on right)

This project took all day. This roof is 50 feet long and about 20 feet deep. This is the north side of the house. We had just finished the job so that's why the right side around the smoke stack is still wet. Do you need to eliminate mold on your roof? Read through this site and find out how.

Above the very left window you can see it is mostly dry and the mold has been removed. Find out how this back breaking job only has to be done once! The trick isn't cleaning the roof, it's preventing the mold from ever coming back.


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