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Get Rid of Mold

How to get rid of mold is what this site is dedicated towards. In order to get rid of mold you need to find the source. That's usually going to be somewhere with water damage, high humidity, or just a lot of moisture.

Once you find the moisture source, dry it up. That is the first step in how to get rid of mold. There are other steps in the process too. Like cleaning up the mold without having it infect your entire house. But the main thing to do is stop the moisture. If there is still moisture then you can't get rid of mold.

The mold doesn't die when the moisture problem is solved. The mold goes dormant. It doesn't die which is why it is so hard to get rid of mold. It just sits there until the moisture gets high enough to start reproducing again. That why you need to get rid of mold by following the tips in this site or by reading the book.

You can find the other two legs that keep mold alive and keep making you remove mold throughout your home within this site.

I have a few very defined strategies to help you get rid of mold in my book, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". These strategies are LETHAL to mold and will certainly have you feeling better in a short amount of time. You are also welcome to cruise around the site because most of what you need to know to get rid of mold is in these pages.

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