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Mold Abatement

Mold abatement is necessary whenever you find it in your living environment. Some mold abatement problems are as simple as a spray and wipe to remove. Others require a little more care and some demolition, while the worst mold abatement jobs may require mold abatement professionals.

Professional mold abatement may be needed if you or your family has become incapacitated from the mold infection. But other times it is necessary when the scope of work is too large or complex to manage. For example should your basement flood and stay a foot deep for a week - that would be wise to hire professionals.

The walls in your basement are probably ruined except for the block or concrete outer walls. Those will need to cleaned, sanitzed and possibly painted after the water is removed. But the inner walls with wood or drywall construction will need to be demolished safely as to not spread mold spores and discarded safely without contaminating the rest of the house.
Mold abatement companies are usually careful in this respect.

Mold abatement professionals will build a containment around the infected area which will be vented outside using HEPA filters. They will also produce a negative air pressure with respect to the rest of the house so that outer air will enter but not the other way around. All the debris will be placed in bags. Once complete the entire containment area - tools, tent, bags and personnel will be decontaminated and the debris safely removed.

The better mold abatement companies will also use a moldicide at this point so that any errant mold spores that escaped will be eliminated. It's important to keep the mold count within your home as low as possible. The mold abatement company should do a pretty good job of that.

Without a mold abatement company what usually happens is people will get the water out of the basement in a week. They may take longer to get to tearing down the walls. They may leave some walls standing because after about a month, they're looking pretty good and a little paint will hide the water mark.

In a matter of months the mold within the walls will grow considerably and if your basement is humid, it will grow like wild fire. You might get a musty odor that annoys you but you can easily remedy most of it with a de-humidifier but the basement will still remain humid enough to keep feeding the mold. You won't even be noticing the fact that small little ailments are beginning to start on you. Maybe a stuffy nose, or some sinus headaches.

Mold Abatement Company Not Hired

Before too long, since you didn't hire the mold abatement done, your immune system will be overwhelmed and any kind of ailment can crop up "suddenly". What happens is your immune system gets destroyed and instead of paying roughly one or two thousand dollars for mold abatement, your thrift is going to cost you thousands of dollars and could possibly give you a disease for life.

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