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Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is not a strong topic on because we try to explain how to do it yourself. But sometimes people just don't want to tackle mold remediation on their own. So quickly here is what you want to look for in a mold remedation company.

Mold remediation companies should be licensed in your state. Have the mold remediation company prove their technicians' credentials and ongoing training. Also ask for references and call them to find out how they did. The longer term referrence is best so that you can ask if their mold issues have returned.

Why do I suggest having the mold remediation company prove their stripes as well as their technicians? The answer is that just because the company is licensed doesn't necessarily mean their tech is any good. Mold remediation is dependent on the actual technician doing the job.

As an example, if the mold remediation company takes down a wall to the studs, after cleaning do they encapsulate everything before the new drywall is put up? Does the mold remediation team use isolated containments that stop the spread of 'dirty air' in the rest of your house so that they aren't creating more mold problems? 

Mold Remediation Gone Wrong

Remediation technique is important. Mold remediation can go very badly if mold spores are released throughout your home. What happens is it could spread and become another problem years down the road. So be careful about what mold remediation company you use.

Ask your companies about a client list and actually call the past clients to find out more about the specific results.

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