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Mold Removers

Mold removers come in all types and strengths and are available at just about every retail store. If you have ever heard of Clorox, Proctor and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson, then you are aware of the brands and manufacturers of mold removers.

There are however several mold removers that are heavier duty than the usual Tilex type of mold killer. These mold removers are better classified as moldicides. They are specifically formulated to help you destroy mold and other bacterial, fungal and viral menaces.

Mold Removers with Extra Strength

Mold removers that will give you maximum effectiveness are:

The Molderizer mold removers are organic and available online by clicking them above. These products, like all mold killers work ONCE. They do not have a long lasting preventive effect. The Safe Shield is reported to help prevent mold but you must always remain vigilant.

The reason mold removers only work once is that once the mold is cleaned up, it will grow back unless you have solved your moisture problem. If you have a bad mold problem that bleach and normal retail cleaning products have not cured, then try these industrial strength products which may do a better job.

In moist areas like the bathroom, kitchen and laundry try these products and use your exhaust fan. Running the exhaust fan will help to eliminate the humidity within these areas. Keep it on until the humidity is noticebly reduced.

Mold removers such as the ones above often require some protective gear to be worn so you don't get harmed. Clicking the products above will take you to the distributor's web site where you can learn their details. Mold removers will kill the mold during the application, but remember to do something to eliminate the moisture first.

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