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November 1, 2006 (reviewed January 23, 2010)

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Mold-Removal-Tips.com does collect your name and email address. We do collect your shipping address as part of a sale. We do provide shipping information to our fulfillment companies. 

Your trust and continued support are our only interest. We pledge to never break that trust. With any of our communications, we specifically identify ourselves, include the address we were originally sending to at the bottom of that communication, and includes our address, email, and an opt-out link. 

The service provided by mold-removal-tips.com is to inform and educate our visitors on mold related issues. Our purpose is to only collect minimal and necessary information in the pursuit of that goal.

All transactions are securely processed through PayPal and your private information on credit cards, etc. is not stored, nor available to www.mold-removal-tips.com and should you feel otherwise please contact me.


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